Paroles Good News de Randy Newman

Randy Newman
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  • Chanson: Good News
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Textes et Paroles de Good News

Once upon a time there was a vulture and a hog
Livin' in a house upon a hill
Had this little boy who lived with them
And they worked him like a dog
With any luck, they'd have him up there still
'Long came a magic man with a magic bag
Full of nasty little green things in a funky old rag
He said, "Boy you may not know it but this here's salvation you see."
Son, you're going down in history

Good news is blowin' in your window
Good news is knockin' on your door
Good news is comin' round the corner
Good news is rollin' 'round your floor

Where can all my troubles be?
Must be good news chasin' me
Good enough to set everybody free
Good news, good news, good news
(Good news)

There were bugs in the garden
Didn't have a clue
That everyday their life was on the line
They wanted to get outta there
But they didn't know what to do
Their little brains is workin' overtime
That all changed one sunny day
That little boy dropped by to say
If we all work together, we make out okay
Good news, good news, good news

Gotta roll down a mountain
Flew over the sea
Facin' death and danger on their way
But together they had made it
And they're where they wanna be
They love each other more and more each day
They care about each other

Good news is sweepin' cross the country
Good news is spreadin' all around
Good news is hittin' in the city
Good news has sprung up in the town

The things that used to hurt before
They don't hurt 'em anymore
'Cause they know there's somethin' good in store
Good news (Good news)
Good news (Good news)
Good news (Good news)
Good news (Good news)
Good news (Good news)
Good news
Good news

Good news
Comin' down the chimney
Good news
Knockin' on my door
Good news
Leavin' through the window
Good news
Can't take no more
Good news
Spreadin' o'er the country
Good news
For the young and old
Good news
Goin' round the world,now
Good news
Too hot to hold back

Good news (Good news)
Good news (Good news)
Good news (Good news)
Good news (Good news)
Good news (Good news)
Good news
Good news
Good news!

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