Paroles Origin Of Me de Rasta

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  • Artiste: Rasta35969
  • Chanson: Origin Of Me
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Textes et Paroles de Origin Of Me

Was I arise in the course of time?
With the development and evolution ways.
Was I like as the link in chain?
Goes from the simple cell to high intelligence.

I wonder who I am to tell you who you are.
There cannot be the slightest doubt that truth is not so far.
So I will follow my aims. I'll fight again and again
For knowledge and reason of origin of me...

Was I arise with the will of God?
On the seventh day of world creation.
Was I planned as the dutiful kind?
To keep these dubious laws, to serve the almighty.

Is this the real way I go?
I've got the only question:
Who I am in this realm?
So I ask…

Was I arise from the universe?
Carried down with star wind as a seed.
Was I the descendant of alien race?
Is there the world I live the temporary place.

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