Paroles Sleepyhead de Ray Charles

Ray Charles
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  • Artiste: Ray Charles3195
  • Chanson: Sleepyhead
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Textes et Paroles de Sleepyhead

Some day is always a glum day,
You lose all your spirit;
Bleak day, that workaway weekday,
And oh how you fear it!
Closing, your heavy eyes closing,
Till nearly asleep, dear,
Dozing, while dreaming dozing,
Your troubles will keep, dear;

Sleepyhead, you'd better go dreaming
Sleepyhead, don't open your eyes!
Sleepyhead, or why should you worry away?
You'd better hurry away
Into your daydreams
Gay dreams!
Sleepyhead, when tears come a-streaming
Oh, weepyhead, no sorrow is wise;
Sleep away,
Deep away,
Keep away your sighs.
Sleepyhead, don't open your eyes!

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