Paroles This Game Wuz Made 4 Us de Ray Luv

Ray Luv
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  • Artiste: Ray Luv11920
  • Chanson: This Game Wuz Made 4 Us
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Textes et Paroles de This Game Wuz Made 4 Us

You know what I'm talkin 'bout
This goes out to all the riders
The players
The hustlers
The soldiers and the gees out there in the street
You know what I'm sayin
This game was made for you and me
(This game was made for us)
No squares and no spectators, only players
(This game was made for us)
You know what I mean
(This game was made for us) (made for us)
For you and me
(This game was made for us down here)

[VERSE 1: Ray Luv]
I grew up in the struggle, inner city full of niggas in trouble
All of us hustle but only one in a thousand gon' bubble
Most of em buckle up under pressure, we rumble to get the treasure
Don't bumble in my endeavor, focused and ever clever
Even when a friend turn jealous, I don't trip
I just watch em a little better and keep my hand on my shit
Cause niggas gon' do what they do, aw fuck it
Declare on my competition: I'm somethin you cannot fuck with
Feel lucky, so take a chance, I don't hath no evil
They fight us because we righteous, read prophecy to the people
It's true that knowledge is power, but wisdom is lethal
So I'm dyin on every album, rise again with a sequel
There's no stoppin us even if you yearn to bust
We forever legends, never could be burned to dust
Do it for the kids, hopin that they learn from us
Have nuts, nigga, and don't give a fuck

(This game was made for us)
For all y'all ballers and all the shot-callers
(This game was made for us)
No suckers, no squares, just hustlers and players
(This game was made for us) (made for us)
(This game was made for us down here)

[VERSE 2: Ray Luv]
It was '92, for me the rap game was new
Released my first record, thought the fame was cool
My first single blew up and everybody was listenin
I had my riches sowed up without no national attention
I went through a lot, the week that it dropped hoes flocked
I wrecked a car, fucked up my knee and had my first ménage à trois
Young and so hot, so right away they jump on the jock
I'm only 19, accused of manipulatin the yak
Got me caught up, cause daddy found out what you was doin
Now he's suin, want me locked in the county jail and ruined
Wanna drag my name through the rubble, doggin my friends
Never once been in trouble, on my way to the pen
No letters from my step mama, my homies ain't shit
Just my father, my grandmama and my down-ass bitch
When I touched down, fuck em all, I ain't got no friends
Another album and they love me again

(This game was made for us)
OG soldiers and big dank holders
(This game was made for us)
Independent women who flossin big spendin
(This game was made for us) (made for us)
(This game was made for us down here)

[VERSE 3: Ray Luv]
Through my hunger and hustle, me, my heart and my talent boldly we blazed
Pistols raised, we acceptin the challenge of gettin paid
So we always seem come on the double, so we evade
Can't be faded once the money is made, until the grave
You would love to see me broken, enslaved and full or sorrow
With a pistol in my mouth as I shout: "Fuck tomorrow!"
But even when my heart feel hollow and I fall
Put my game face on, tomorrow back to ball
I'm relentless to keepin the grain and go against it
With a vengeance, you couldn't hold me back with prison sentence (Never)
If I said it or did it you know I meant it
Retaliatin with all my venom
You could strip me of my jewels, car, house, hoes and cash
And I bet I have it back in a flash, givin a dash
Even if I lost everything I had in the past
Stack fast and then get back in that ass
You know

(This game was made for us)
All y'all rappers stay at and you'll have it
(This game was made for us)
(This game was made for us) (made for us)
You know what I mean
For you and me
(This game was made for us down here)
(This game was made for us)
(This game was made for us)
Link Crew Hustlers
(This game was made for us) (made for us)
Straight up out the Lleyo
(This game was made for us down here)

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