Paroles Place In My Heart de Raze

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  • Artiste: Raze31598
  • Chanson: Place In My Heart
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Textes et Paroles de Place In My Heart

Nothing compares to a mother's love
A hiding place when push comes to shove
Cinderella's dreams, diamond rings
I try to fill my heart, with earthly things
Still there is a place that seems so empty
It's the deepest part of me
That only you can fill

There's a place in my heart
That I want you near
It's a place in my heart
I hold most dear
There's a place in my heart
That wants you so
But it's so hard to let it go

Just the other day, I turned my thoughts astray
From a history of reason to give my heart away
This thought progressed through time
The path seemed unkind
Lonely and clear it overwhelmed my mind
And if I release this part of me, dear Lord
Is it true what you say
Am I received as your child


Life is hard, this world is cold
I need you more and more today
I build up walls to stop the pain
It still won't go won't go away
Surrendering on bended knee
This part of me I surrender to you

repeat chorus to end

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