Paroles Dragons Fly de Rebellion

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  • Artiste: Rebellion8161
  • Chanson: Dragons Fly
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Textes et Paroles de Dragons Fly

We'll sail across the seas for glory and for gold
Raid the Saxon shores tales are to be told
One thousand northern warriors axes made of steel
Our banners drenched in blood the nightmare it is real

On the wing of the storn
We let the dragons fly
Dragons fly
Like the raven through the air
Come and let the dragons fly
Drgons fly

We ride the northern winds icy and stone cold
Born for battle heroes don't grow old
Burn your churches to the ground and hang your priests up high
Feed the ravens in the sky

Into battle like a berserk now we storm for the attack
Cut and kill we take your life as your world fades into black
Northern gods their battle song is what you hear before you die
Singing hail in Odin's name as his thunder cracks the sky

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