Paroles Shapeshifter de Red Knife Lottery

Red Knife Lottery
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  • Artiste: Red Knife Lottery31653
  • Chanson: Shapeshifter
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Textes et Paroles de Shapeshifter

Any clown with a cock can sell his tale.
What will it take to make you pale?
Look up baby, my fangs are coming out.
Sharp as a wolf and I"m on the prowl.
I've never met someone quite like you.
Someone I can sink my teeth into.
Why should this tryst be denied?
I wanna show you my dark side.
I'm a child of the night.
Daughter of the light.
No need to be polite.
I've made up your mind.
I'm the child of the night, daughter of the light.
My bark's as bad as my bite.
Let's take this inside.
Loosen up that tie for me baby.
I wanna see how you're put together.
Relax, you look stiff as a board.
I'm light as a feather.
Arms length away.
Keep your distance.
Wanna cut you up.
Can't resist this.
I can feel your eyes from across the room.
What dark corner can we slip into?
I'm thirsty. wanna drink your life.
Cause it's not about love tonight.
We been dancing in the snake pit.
Careful cause you're gonna get bit.
Who's the object now?
Who's got the power?
No point in fighting now.
Cause it's the witching hour.

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