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Reggie And The Full Effect
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  • Chanson: What The Hell Is Contempt?
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Textes et Paroles de What The Hell Is Contempt?

So far so good oh well
So you're in love what the hell
Someday I can retry this gut rhetoric outtake
Why must I feel disgrace please wipe that smile off your face
Forget you, all you do I know that you'll forgive me

Your piece of me is fading, part of me is done
Saw you from far away, and lost you in the sun
So far, so long

This is a point of view it's doing nothing for you
I don't care if you stare its not that complimentary
I'm where I need to be is that hard for you to see
What once was better for you is better for me

Your piece of me is fading part of me is done
Saw you from far away and lost you in the sun
So far, so long,
So long, to long

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