Paroles One Shot Deal de Rehasher

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  • Artiste: Rehasher26959
  • Chanson: One Shot Deal
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Textes et Paroles de One Shot Deal

Same shit
Different day
My name is Satan and I'm ruining your useless life
There's nothing you can do so don't do anything
It's nothing personal and everybody knows
That there would be no good things if it wasn't for the bad

Some things (some things)
Never change (never change)
Some things (some things)
Never change (never change)

It's time to wake up and do some things
You fucking don't want to
Things seem so shitty now and some things never change
So stop complaining about stupid things like society
Wait till you deal with grown up responsibilities
Responsibilities, responsibilities, responsibilities

Some things (some things)
Never change (never change)
Some things (some things)
Never change (never change)

Remember when you're feeling low
At least there's no place worse to go
And some things never change

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