Paroles A 2 Min 54 Sec Exploration Into The Deepest Depths Of A Mind de reply

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  • Chanson: A 2 Min 54 Sec Exploration Into The Deepest Depths Of A Mind
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Textes et Paroles de A 2 Min 54 Sec Exploration Into The Deepest Depths Of A Mind

watch my anger being unleashed
unto my own life. feel me sink into the deepest darkness once in a while.
how long will it take before the
walls around me start to crumble down to the sea.
see me shift like the wind, can't keep up with my mind, loose
myself in the woods, that we call adulthood. don't hold back on your anger.
anger, swing this my dying secret
foetus across your grave.
this is what has been growing inside my rotten mind, never expose your weakness. see me spit my revenge onto your fucking grave. you will see the emptiness of my own wounded heart. see my demons
unleashed by your mind. this is not how it's supposed to be. i won't be your slave of all your wildest dreams.
and don't you die.

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