Paroles For Nevermore de Reverend Horton Heat

Reverend Horton Heat
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  • Chanson: For Nevermore
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Textes et Paroles de For Nevermore

Throw that drink baby,
Right in my face now,
That sure put me in my place now.

Sat by myself,
An hour or more,
Eyes fixated on the door.

For never more,
For never more,
Watch and stare at the door,
For never more,
For never more.


What if I did the,
Same to you now?
Figure what that would
put you through now.

A question you just,
Throw out the door,
Just like i warned you,
I warn you some more.

For never more,
For never more,
Watch and stare at the door,
For never more,
For never more.

For never more.

Tell me about the boarded room now!
It seems the place,
The place of your doom now.

When i walk in,
Through that front door,
Will i see you there for evermore?

For never more,
For never more,
Watch and stare and the door,
For never more,
For never more.
(repeat last stanza)

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