Paroles Paint's Peeling de Rilo Kiley

Rilo Kiley
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  • Artiste: Rilo Kiley10124
  • Chanson: Paint's Peeling
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Textes et Paroles de Paint's Peeling

The paint's peeling off the streets again
And i'll drive and close my eyes in michigan
And i feel nothing, not brave
It's a hard day for breathing again
The heat is chasing off all of your friends
And their scattered bodies part to the shore again
And i feel nothing, not sane
It's a hard day for dreaming again

I'm not going back to the assholes that made me
And the perfect display of random acts of hopelessness
I wish i could stay here
But i think we're all ready, i think we're all ready

And i feel nothing, not safe
It's a hard day for dreaming again
Now that you've seen almost all of america
All you can say is, "where is all the water?"
The war has been over for years since you gave up

Last night, where the road had started
And last night, when my hands were choking you
Last night, when the room and your mood was dipping
And last night when the ropes were pulling you in... You said,
"hey, how could you love me this way?"
You said, "hey, i think we're all ready..."
I think we're all ready

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