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Rising Waters
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  • Chanson: Scars
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Textes et Paroles de Scars

(Written by Richard Schaller)

Innocence I lost you, you call to me
But I don't hear you
and holiness, I've forsaken you. you offered me refuge
which I didn't choose

questions, I've found you, you haunt my mind
I own you
and sustenance, I sustain you, deliver me
from what I gave to you

and love, I'm afraid of you, and all the things
that you might not do
truth, I no longer believe in you, you've let me down
a time or two


oh were all dying, and on the inside were trying
and oh it's so hard,
when all your memories are my scars

faith I remember you, I used to pray to you
but you never came through
and family, what became of you, was it me or the world
that changed my view on you


oh were all dying, and on the inside were trying
and oh it's so damn hard,
when all your memories are scars
are scars. are scars

(Thanks to Rising for these lyrics)

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