Paroles Getting Late de Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas
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  • Chanson: Getting Late
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Textes et Paroles de Getting Late

This life
Keeps moving on
And we're going away
Before too long

So tell your friends
Just how ya feel
You better say it loud
For the world to hear

Cuz it's getting late
Time to go
The paper moon
Is fading slow
But the night
Keeps moving on
And it takes you in
It brings you home

While you're watching over
The moments that make up your life

Well it's getting late
Thats the way it is
You can't deny
When it feels like this
And it's strange
What it's bringing out
Youre gonna open up
Cuz you can't stop now
Oh you can't stop onw

Well it's getting late
You don't know how
Youre wide awake
And you're missing out
Get your kicks
While you can
Then you go to work
To pay the man

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