Paroles Wonderful de Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas
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  • Artiste: Rob Thomas3864
  • Chanson: Wonderful
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Textes et Paroles de Wonderful

Look at me I'm made of wonderful, wonderful
I'm all easy breath and steady walk, steady walking
But underneath I'm barely moving, no
Its like I'm nothing
All the ways they had to make me smile and then they go and break me

Wait, I think I feel like hell
Though I can't be myself
And I can't be nobody else but if I could
Would you love me then [x3]

Look at me, I'm made of wonderful, it's terrible
I'm all easy come and easy go
As far as you know
But underneath, man, I'm just killing time
I guess I'm past my prime
and now I'm overrated, overdressed, and overstated


If I put my hands up, put your hands up
If I fall down
If I lose my place
And I don't know just where I'm supposed to go
If you'll be there when I wake
Would you love me then?

And I come home tired
And I come home late
Everybody wants me
So I give it away
I'm a wanted man [x4]

Would you love me then [x3]

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