Paroles Everything To Me de Rock Kills Kid

Rock Kills Kid
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  • Artiste: Rock Kills Kid10254
  • Chanson: Everything To Me
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Textes et Paroles de Everything To Me

Sunday morning I'm tired lonely
Waiting for someone to save me
All the boys say you might be the one for me
I hope you can save me before I lose it

I've been dying inside
Got nothing to hide
I think we should try to lose ourselves tonight
For all that it's worth
With every word
You make me want to believe in you and me
Cause your everything to me and I want you to know
You're everything to me and I want it/wanted? to show

Days go by now time ticks slowly
I can't wait till you're with me
Till then I'll sit and think in my room alone
Out there theirs nothing for me
Theirs nothing for me anymore

I can't explain it but its making sense in my head?
You and me (you and me)
I can't explain it but its making sense in my head

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