Paroles Dissection of The Squid de Romak & The Space Pirates

Romak & The Space Pirates
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  • Chanson: Dissection of The Squid
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Textes et Paroles de Dissection of The Squid

All things seen as they're needed to be.
All things ending as planned and directed.
Gerbalists all seeking delight.
How they love to mark the end of a star that they created!

You Gerbalists should die.
Your words are only lies.
Your work is just a guise.
You cut me down to size.
Say my career is over?
Say that the squid is done!
Squidboy is a has-been now.
You cute me down, down to size!

I washed up on the shore just to wash up on the screen.
I died for the sake of Progress.
Now Progress wants me to die again?
Well, I guess it had to end sometime
But it seems to soon and it seems so cruel.
Come to think of it, I never made an impact.
This squid feels he's just begun!

All I am is foam, foam upon the rock.
I may as well have died. I may as well have died on it.
All I am is foam, foam upon the rock.
I may as well have died. I may as well have died.
Hey, maybe I did?


(lyrics: RoMak/music: Tunnell, Tleilax, RoMak)

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