Paroles Duck Down de Royce da 5'9"

Royce da 5'9
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  • Artiste: Royce da 5'9"4081
  • Chanson: Duck Down
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Textes et Paroles de Duck Down

[Chorus: x2]
A truce is impossible, fuck you
It's over, you was responsible for the drunk you
You punk you, when I see you you better DUCK (down)
BUM!! Wanted them guns to go boom, boom, boom

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Yeah, the problem's that all of you did
somethin that you can't take back, you all know what it is
Compete on wax is what we coulda did
But you think that ya man is so hard just cause he don't rap
What is the street nigga relatin to combat
If he-a put you in the grave then maybe I'm that
Type of nigga like you, I call you a cheapskate
Cause you cheap and when it's beef in the streets you skate
Nigga you can't deny the force
35 hundred in the streets, all just so you can die on my porch
Punk! I will bust my gun 'til the round is finished
You gon' kill who I be stickin around for a minute
PLUS, I'll be on my way; you sound like somebody
who sound like somebody, I don't believe NUTTIN you say (say)
I will make your group feel like SHIT!
Plus he hang where I hang, nigga I will take your booth
We get (down)


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