Paroles Heartbeat de Royce da 5'9"

Royce da 5'9
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  • Artiste: Royce da 5'9"4081
  • Chanson: Heartbeat
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Textes et Paroles de Heartbeat


Yea, Listen [repeated]
[Sample:] Listen to the heart
Blood burgundy soul, heart cold
Surgery flowed, they operate like an emergency
[Sample x2:] Listen to the heartbeat
Harder, Yea, I know that you know I can rip it
I hope that you listen [echoes] [heartbeat sound]

Listen, I know my position
I'm young, your profession is distant, I run to it
It feels like it comes closer but misses
I been exposed to the most vicious
Meanin' I know the difference between those that are dope
Or those that are +Pulp Fiction+
My words are weapons, they serve and protect
Behind verbs and a lesson I teach
For the nerve that your testin'
I'll reach you from like thirty directions
Heat you like, the early detections
Like he questions or he for the strike
Your number it came and crumbled your fame
Into a ball, a umbrella dissolved into flames
You under my brain, you fell in my shower, lyrics my power
Your time is now, this is your hour to listen and it's windin' down
Your mission to make your way if your smart
He play his part, you can never take away his heart


My spit is like the fits or the red cycle that gets
under the dirt, that gets, under the skirt of your bitch
Under your nose, so get onto your toes
This is the reason you ballers is leavin' me all in control
My brother, you should play the back if you loud
I make you fade the black if you wild
So you should stay in back and be proud
I never take for granted my style
'Cause him who handed it down to me
Slim who demanded, take advantages now
I'm breezin' away from competitive ways
Every day I'm leavin' a race
I'm leadin' every step of the way that I'm breathin'
And the reason that the hunger's increased
I'm under my peeps speed and I'm underneath the numbers I seek
I speak if you never show me respect
No longer lookin' up to rappers and thank I actored? the ones that I met


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