Paroles Dethrone The Flesh de Runemagick

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  • Artiste: Runemagick8207
  • Chanson: Dethrone The Flesh
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Textes et Paroles de Dethrone The Flesh

Dethrone the flesh, Release your soul
Open the gates
Let death be your goal
Suicide, Release your fire
Show your true face
On the dark side
Dethrone the flesh
Dethrone your flesh
Let your rotten flesh remain
In the world of light
Join the journey to the dark
Then the light you will fight
Enthrone your soul
On the throne of death
Feel the force
Of the gathered darkborn souls
Noctural eternal landscapes
Surrounds our growing force
Incarnation now begins
Suprmeme warriors arise
Dethrone the flesh
Dethrone your flesh
Dethrone your flesh
Enter death, Enthrone your soul
On the throne of death

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