Paroles H.A.A.G. de Saint Vitus

Saint Vitus
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  • Artiste: Saint Vitus7239
  • Chanson: H.A.A.G.
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Textes et Paroles de H.A.A.G.

Look into the void
Beware of the dark
It hypnotised your soul
Prepare to fall
Into the hole
Do you feel the wretched cold
As your mind 's turning all what 's told
Regretting, remembering
The Evil seeds of old

Embraced in your pain and your sorrow
There's no time left to borrow
Falling in a void
If you see a light
And not a darkening swell
Rescue me now
Before I reach Hell

Are you shivering limbs intact
Do you care where you'll impact
Falling in a bottotmless pit
Is there no end to this moronic wit

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