Paroles Tair de SALEM (USA)

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  • Artiste: SALEM (USA)55275
  • Chanson: Tair
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Textes et Paroles de Tair

I'm aching
So tell me what's shaking
Watch her from the bushes
I'm patient
Still like a stone
But my mind in waking
I'm waiting
I'm waiting

Breathing in through my nose
??? blows
Got there on my own
Aint no rose where I wanna go
Picking up a stone
For a throw
Then lady go
Home tonight
With flowers I never know

Hell moving 'round with my face
as I'm making downtown at the town
And all that is around
Town is the place by the Lake Michigan
Town is a place little huss could be found

Now are the windows weeping nice
All lookin similar
Listen to me, this routine is familiar
Starting to get feeling about
I think he's calling me
the good ... is that I don't go

Starting to
On those lights
and my feet steppin on sticks

I'll come home
I've been here some
And when I get there
Imma tair apart the room

Now, from the hills
which is where I first began
South of the house
Which is where I now stand

The edge of the rules
and the long way between it
This house is safe
Aint got nothing to fear, yeah

In the kitchen
And what they loose they couldn't get back

Don't cross the flow like it started from nowhere
All the ???
Let them know ???

What they're about to loose they have no understanding
More damage in the ???
I move through the house
Oh, look, im a sheet
With a chance she's still asleep

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