Paroles Make Your Peace de Scarface

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  • Chanson: Make Your Peace
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Textes et Paroles de Make Your Peace

[ VERSE 1: Scarface ]
Is this how you made it, or is this sickness out of control
Is the beginning of the end right now? Let me know
Do the saved souls travel the road of the souls lost?
How come the dead can't talk?
Through horrified eyes I can picture the other side
And though my heart shed tears outside I couldn't cry
Watched my homeboy die, day by day body tired
Remember, I finally accounted before he expired
They tell me there's a peaceful place, I wanna see it
They say I gotta leave it to see it, so it be it
And though I appreciate bein alive
Sometimes I wanna see how it feels to just die
Come back and tell my story to the ones who really know me
Converse with the angels and elders that went before me
And satisfy the hunger for those who wanna know
If there's life after death, and if so, where we go
I often find myself involved in deep thought
I wanna see is heavens a place like we thought
And Christian science seems to think it's just a mindstate
But before I put my trust in a man I'll just wait
Or better yet, I take the journey for myself
Put a bullet in my own head, it's my death
So when twelve o'clock jump on eve of 11/9
( *gunshot* ) suicide
Just as I thought, a bright light
Greeted by friends and family, so life-like
Black and in between screams and then peace
Lookin in the eyes of the grieved and deceased
Father pleace, send me back, I don't wanna die
I'm not as strong as I was and I can't lie
And during all the mayhem somehow I remained calm
And I woke up singing this song

I been a pawn and I been a king
And I been down since the beckoning
I try to look beyond the sight of sound
And the lights come from the underground
Rarely got questions but I found myself somewhat astound
And through my quest for the answers, know what I found?
I found that regardless to what people say
The shooters gotta do it day for day
So make your peace

[ VERSE 2: Scarface ]
Open your books to the first chapter, verse four, page eight
And link to my thoughts as my intents are to initiate
And enter the minds of the ones who are blind
And shed light to all the mankind written in rhyme
I preach to each to get off your ass, stand on your feet
Cause everyday it's niggas lyin dead in the street
We stuck in our ways, it's different now than back in the days
Fuck what they say, cause ain't no comin back from the grave
So when the gun goes pop and the lights go out
Then you'll understand what I'm talkin about
I had a dream and seen a double sun, a different world was in the makin
The ruler of this new world was Satan
The sky turned blood-red, the silent trumpet started playin
Then I woke up, my imagination
Runnin wild but then again the coming of Christ
Could be the moment of any minute, now or tonight
So make your peace, cause 666 is the mark of the beast
It's dark in these streets
And some might see it hard to believe but God is in me
And yea, though I walk through the valley of the wickedness
I know I'm protected cause I'm convicted
Anybody believin in the Big Bang Theory
And thinkin that thyself is the God, you need to hear me
How do you explain
The skies, the moon, the stars and the rain
The sun and the sea
The Earth without form facing the deep
Darkness and challengin the powers that be
It's impossible for scientists to make up the seeds
Didn't make up the trees, so why we turn our backs on the truth?
This heaven and hell part we seem to hide from the youth
I'm tellin what few tongues of the evil will despise
My intention's to revitalize, still I revive
And I've read the Books, and I heard the lessons
And I'm on my knees steady stressin
You make your peace


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