Paroles The Realest de Scarface

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  • Artiste: Scarface10349
  • Chanson: The Realest
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Textes et Paroles de The Realest

The real, for real , Rap-A-Lot Mafia Aaaaaahhhhh
It-wa it-wa it wa it was......
It was once said by your man who wouldn't quit
Stop bullshittin' and make another hit
I looked him in his eyes and told him that ain't shit
Gimme 30 minutes and i'mma wreck this bitch
So I wrote this rhyme i'mma bout to say
To tell him how it went down back in the day
See most niggas give they props to Run DMC
But dem' niggas in the south gotta give it to me
You see I was wrecking shit when they was doin' the worm
Parachute pants coming through with the perm
I ain't never been a pussy I was all day rough
Bitches try to rap like they was always tough
But thats bullshit cause niggas know my name ring bells
>From M.C. J.H. ?????????
Got much love for most cities but i'mma S.A. fool
7th Graders shouldn't bring the scraps to school
So when you say you only listen to the real M.C.'s
Let me spell it out for you, for real M- E its the same Mista Scarface from
the 1980's
You bitches tried to bring out'cha best but cha' can't fade me
Cause I was rockin' shit when ????? was still living
And you niggas was hangin' on the corner bullshittin'
Now you wanna jump in the game on both feet
Sell a few tapes and forget that you know me
But remember the one you got the idea from
See I'mma real artist so my ideas come
But you sounded like I sounded on The World is Mine
I catch you style-stealin' time after time
Now you on the mission trying to sound like Puff
Get cho' own shit and stop riding the jock
The realest nigga down south? I gotta say thats J
Y'all muthafuckas don't deserve that name
And let me break it down to you one more time
Think about it before you start out your rhyme
I'm one of the coldest M.C. to ever touch the mic
So I apply the pressure til' I bust the pipe
And niggas always ask why I keep changing my style (why)
Cause i keep hearing muthafuckas claiming my style
And then they got the nerves to say they colder than me
Then why the fuck you niggas can't go gold before me
I see you on your videos on B.E.T.
It makes me wanna kick a hole in my T.V.
Cause i hate an individual who is fake as that
I gotta dropped Bentley with a Ranch to match
Nigga I finish with my shoot, my shit it can't go back
You back in yo' chevette ?????????
I started making records at the age 15
Affiliated with the game at age 16
An honorary member of the whole???????
Cut dem' blocks in half and continued to flip
[In droning voice]
[And now I got you figured that I'm not to old
Never will i fall off cause i'm wasn't too old]
??? to the seminar and shit went cool
Started talking bout they bitches and the boys got booed
Heart-broke packed up shit and headed for home
Then I spoked to Lil' James on the telephone

Where the real niggas come from(repeats to end)
(Scarface talking to end)

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