Paroles What Can I Do? de Scarface

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  • Chanson: What Can I Do?
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Textes et Paroles de What Can I Do?

(Kelly Price)
What can I do?
What can I do, to make it better?
Yeah, yeah

I thank the Lord, for every morning, he allows me to rise
And though the sun is shining, there's a cloud in the sky
Lettin' me know, that at any moment, there could be rain
And as beautiful as life is, there still can be pain
Down the park, I hear the sirens, just screamin' away
And then the unevitable happens, the end of them days
As sad as it sounds, but that's the price we all gotta pay
And the whole world knows God giveth, will taketh away (will taketh away)
I live and I learn, I sit and watch my cigarette burn
Down to the ash, it remindes me of the now and the passed
I say a little prayer, 'cause eventually I'll stand in the path
Of the souls and dark rows that lead to rest

Do you hear them, crying?
Waiting for someone to come and dry their tears (someone like you and me)
Take away their fears

And then a child is born
Bloody legged, clingin' to life
Unaware of his surroundin's or breathin' is right
In the arms of his mother as he looks in her eyes
He takes his first breath and he screams (baby's alive)
At the same time, another mother, murders her kids
And the unbarable thought of this hear, just' brings me to tears
It's hard enough we gotta raise our kids to live in this world
So full of hate with no faith, and killin' your pearls
And sometimes, I sit it down, and wonder myself
But then again, I ain't Jesus, and I can't help
All I can do, is hope I never live with the fact
That if I heard one of my seeds is dealin' with that
That'd be the hardest thing, I'd ever have to do in my time
I'd have to take my own life too, and I couldn't glide
Instead what he'd, what you hear me singin' bout it in my ride
And a parent hurtin' his kid ain't decidin' the time
I know it's truth, the next day, we just livin' to die
But I believe if you livin' right, you'll live in the sky
Lookin' down on the good and the bad, the world as a whole
And hopefully you did what you did, before you had to go

Do you hear them, crying?
Waiting for someone to come and dry their tears
(someone to dry their tears) Take away their fears
Can I make it, better? (I want to make it better)
Can I ease the pain that they are goin' through? (they're through)
What can I do?
What can I do?

I say "goodbye" to your cruel world
I see peace to the red sky
I see these are where the dead die, leavin' my head high
And if the streets up ahead crowd with the heat from the lead fly
But the grief when I said "Bye," pull the sheets on my bed dry
We're turnin' the table, we tellin' a tale
That the destruction of human flesh, and it not so great
Long list of the John Doe's, and Kauntly the spirit
With them jails of souls lost, we hope that God hears it
Resurection very harsh, crowdin' in the room
Muffle sounds on the outside, echo the tomb
But I'm cold

(Kelly Price)
Do you hear me?
I'm cryin'

Do you hear them, crying? (x2 to fade)
Waiting for someone to come and dry their tears
(someone to dry their tears)
Take away their fears (take away their fears)
Can I make it, better? (gonna make it better)
Can I ease the pain that they are goin' through?
(everything they're goin' through) What can I do?
What can I do?

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