Paroles Dandelions de Scarnella

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  • Artiste: Scarnella55309
  • Chanson: Dandelions
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Textes et Paroles de Dandelions

Set me down in the shadiest spot you can find.
My mind'll sink like a stone
down, down, down so dark it seems I'm blind.
I'll never find my way back home
unless I follow the trail of...
Dandelions-their little yellow faces
Dandelions-in a class with the weeds
Dandelions-cut their heads off with a scissors
You know they're gonna save the day
gorgeous, glorious sweet satisfaction is mine
i'm looking for a sign, greenlite go!
you're on my mind
your the little devil in my heart
i let you out of your box
run, run, run you ticking time bomb clock
there's no telling what trouble you'll start
once you catch a glimmer of...
Dandelions-cut their heads off with the scissors
Dandelions-in a class with the weeds
Dandelions-between your toes
They're here now. They're watching you. You know they gotta have it. The
dandelions'll save the day. You know they're gonna save the day.

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