Paroles A 1000 Pieces de Scarrots

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  • Artiste: Scarrots33211
  • Chanson: A 1000 Pieces
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Textes et Paroles de A 1000 Pieces

A moment ago I felt the love, cause we agreed and we had fun. Two seconds later I feel hate, 'cause I was hurt by something you said. And now it's only a day ago, since I have seen your face and I still feel like I miss your embrace, but you left me confused without a trace. Please give me something I can smash into a thousand pieces. The anger is boiling up in me. HEY HEY, do you feel the same as me? You think I do not care anymore. You say it has become a bore. Too scared to face what's really wrong: that our love is no longer strong. I am running from my own fears, and you're not to blame cause you're always here. It's me that's hurting you lately. This situation's killing me, yeah! You don't know what is on my mind. You don't know what is in my head. You don't know what is on my mind. You must be confused 'cause I can't decide what is on my mind. Please give me something I can smash into a thousand pieces. She hates me, she needs me, she loves me, she cares about me. Please give me something I can smash into a thousand pieces!

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