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Schoolly D
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Textes et Paroles de Another Another

All I want is just some time
All I need is just another sign

Sittin at the breakfast table, smokin me a spliff
Say wassup to my lil' sis
13 and already knocked up
But the little black daddy don't give a fuck
Her mama mad cause she gave up
Took her to church every week, it couldn't save her
I got a daughter and a son
Before he say 'daddy', little nigga might say 'gun'
I sit back, I blow a kiss to my mother
Even though she old, the nigga still love her
But I never knew my daddy
Nah, all I knew was some nigga in a Caddy
Stopped by every year by Christmas
Talkin that bullshit he missed us
I don't look like my granny or my mammy
I look like a muthafucka named Sammy
My mother musta been a young slut
Always talkin about the days when she had a big fat butt
You gotta do what you gotta do what you gotta do
Yo, I drink a brew
I sit back and start thinkin
Damn, should a nigga be smokin and drinkin?

All I need is just another sign
All I want is some time
All I need is just another sign

Wake up in the morning 'bout a quarter after six
Nikes on my feet, Jimmy hat on my dick
Sis on the corner, tryin to sling rock
Gramps in the back, tryin to get cock
Got me a forty, balls kinda itchin
Mom in the kitchen, start the bitchin
Smokin cheeba, take another hit
Step into the bathroom and take a little shit
I start thinkin and thinkin and thinkin
My man, I wish that I was drinkin
With my niggas, all of my homies
Fuckin with the bitches, they wanna blow me
Schoolly D, you know that I'm a lover
I fucks your aunt, your sister and your mother
Now to the nigga in the Caddy who said he was my daddy
Here's a little messge from your laddie
Fuck you, why should I bother?
What the fuck I need with a punk-ass father

All I need is just another sign
All I want is just some time [x3]

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