Paroles Things Fall Apart de Seemless

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  • Artiste: Seemless13453
  • Chanson: Things Fall Apart
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Textes et Paroles de Things Fall Apart

I hear your voice telling me not to fear
I speak to those who choose to hear
I feel this life becoming yesterday
Hope will remain

All the times I'd deny myself I'm filled with uncertainty
I cannot lie, I would hide and lose myself

Never forget how you came to be
Things fall apart to be revealed beyond yourself
The beauty of life
Hope will remain.

All the times I'd deny myself I'm filled with uncertainty
I cannot lie, I would hide and lose myself

I lost myself for the moment
I will return again, return to you...

I will never be the distance between you and I
I will remain as long as you breathe
As long as you need a place to rest, I am always here

You run away but you can't escape
Everyone wants to be found
You're listening don't you see
Hope will always remain

Don't be mistaken it's my heart that's breaking
I'll take all the pain
And let it become me
But hope has never escaped....

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