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  • Chanson: Dress Impressive
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Textes et Paroles de Dress Impressive

What's the point of going out?
I don't have a thing to dance about
Cause everyone's in love with everyone but me
These girls are kissing other chicks
Flashing guys who post the pics
No, this ain't my scene
But damn, it's got you good

It's close to midnight
And you're making plans just to make out with
Anyone who fits the mood

I'm afraid I've said too much;
The clothes I wore, they don't impress you

Fallen hard, but you don't know my name
And how I need to feel a hand in mine
One heartbeat at a time
Maybe I'm starting to feel something

Close and tossing stares
Bite your lip and twirl your hair
You're the hottest thing
And you're well aware
Oh how they beg, and how they plea
Shortest skirt with rug burned knees
You're so typical, and typically a whore

I'm afraid I've said to much;
The clothes I wore, they don't impress you


You've got hopes and dreams
And I've got plots and schemes
This is probably another thing to cloud my memory
You cloud my memory

I'm afraid I've said too much;
The clothes I wore, they don't impress you


(Thanks to Christy for these lyrics)

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