Paroles Show Me The Wrath de Sepultura

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  • Artiste: Sepultura4021
  • Chanson: Show Me The Wrath
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Textes et Paroles de Show Me The Wrath

Evil warrior
Fight till death
Sons of war
Kill with wrath
Born in a village
He's learn to fight
Grew up with strength
His pleasure is to kill

Sons of evil
He is insane
Maniac butcher
He is feared
He doesn't have religion
Killing is what he wants to false and fools
He there is to torture

Gods of the storm
Infernal death
The blood of victims
Gushes on my hands
Show me the wrath

On the frozen lands
He is born
Living among the barbarian
Violence is his business
He's forget his sword
On the fire of Pandemonium
Blessed by Hell
Feared by christians

His destiny
Is to keep killing
Wild life
Malign creature
The holy temple
He will destroy
He'll dethrone Gods
He'll be emperor of death

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