Paroles Straighthate de Sepultura

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  • Artiste: Sepultura4021
  • Chanson: Straighthate
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Textes et Paroles de Straighthate

I ask myself why I'm so hateful
Perhaps it's just part of my nature
People say I'm fucked it in my mind
Feels like there's nothing left inside

Walking now on different dirty street
But the same old feeling still exists
Hate is like a shade that won't never leave
Leave me alone I don't need sympathy

What goes around
Comes around
You going down

Straighthate - Straighthate
Straighthate - Straighthate

Criticize and call me negative
But you never deal with life or reality
I separate myself from the rest
What da fuck you expect ?

What goes around
Comes around
You going down

Straighthate - Straighthate
Straighthate - Straighthate
Straight fucking hate

Grow up in the ghettos
Made me real
To deal with my fears
Muthafucker you don't understand
Pain and Hate

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