Paroles Subtraction de Sepultura

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  • Artiste: Sepultura4021
  • Chanson: Subtraction
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Textes et Paroles de Subtraction

[Lyrics: Andreas]

First Generation Born
A Plague Was Created
The Cure Is In My Mind
Solitude Is All I See

Powerful Nations Repress Feeling
Buried Beneath The Fear
Making You A Coward
Buying Your Safety

Grey Shadows Fill Your Head
Stealing Your Last Breath
Scared Of The Future
Prophecies Of Chaos

Subtraction Of Personality
Within The Human Race
You'll Always Be

Green Castles From The Past
Bleeding In Sands Of War
No Man Is Immortal
History Is No More

Confused Leaders Behind Our Backs
Stifling Our Ideas
Misunderstand Signs Of Progress
Minds Of Time Regress

Searching For An Answer
To Understand Myself

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