Paroles Dear Consumers de Serotonin

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  • Artiste: Serotonin33609
  • Chanson: Dear Consumers
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Textes et Paroles de Dear Consumers

with every lesson your actions provide
the evidence of unlearning
but how can you distinguish between
what is consumed and what is thrown in your face?
discard at your leisure, but face no effects.

and with your answers, you're only half right.
and with those questions i intend to prove
that you cannot distinguish between
what is consumed and what is thrown in your face.
what you tear down is twice as hard to build back,
so drown in your guilt or think before you act.

one million fingers wrapped around your corrupted heart
and smothered every word before you spoke.

roll the credits, condemn the guilty.
expose the corpse that has suffered from this mass consompution
accept the sole responsibillity along with the guilt that you deserve.

i attest that i wont live my life wrapped in a shroud of guilt.
detesting actions not taken.

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