Paroles Alley Cat de Seventh Wonder

Seventh Wonder
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  • Chanson: Alley Cat
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Textes et Paroles de Alley Cat

I've got a broken heart and a broken smile
When I fall I get up even if it takes a while
Seeking shelter in the ghost of Elvis
And all of the magic Michael left this world
And I ain't leaving even if I know that
Sometimes I drive on the wrong side
Somehow I'm terrified
Some days I will stray inside to cover that I've cried
Being twice as sorry because I've lied

Such a sad looking clown
In a world upside down
Astray in the alleys of this town
There's but one little sun
Where she can safely run
When she comes undone

Oh baby let me stay your alley cat
You're my wire to the light
And my spark here in the still of the night
So baby let me stay where I'm at
In your sight I always feel alright

I'm right where I don't want to be
And it's a mystery
How the will to fit in is making me
A hole in history
And as long as I'm alive I won't be free
Sometimes I'm left on the outside
Somehow I got no pride
Some days I am trying to survive when I collide
Win an empty Jackie by my side

Such a sad looking clown...

Oh baby let me stay your alley cat...

Why me? I'm trying to find
A way to erase and rewind
Help me face my fears
Stay pulling strings my dear
Rule me like a puppeteer

Oh baby let me stay your alley cat...

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