Paroles Guess Who (Interlude) de Sheek Louch

Sheek Louch
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  • Artiste: Sheek Louch7412
  • Chanson: Guess Who (Interlude)
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Textes et Paroles de Guess Who (Interlude)

[Caller:Tony Yayo]
Your Out, Sheek Pussy Mothafucka (Hehe) (Sheek Louch: Who This?)
Yo, I Heard U Be Givin You Fucking...On My....You Fucking Pussy Mothafucka(Sheek Louch: Wha?)
I Want U Come Down ....Spot So I Can Buck You,(Sheek Louch: Fuck Who..?)
Cuz Afcourse, I'ma Kill You, U Fuckin Dirty Nigga
And Yo, Count D-Block To, They Can Come And Suck My Fucking Cock (Sheek Louch: YAYO!?)

(Thanks Arnel for these lyrics)

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