Paroles Operator de Shiloh

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  • Artiste: Shiloh37909
  • Chanson: Operator
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Textes et Paroles de Operator

The TV says i'm not GIRL that I
should be...
It drives me crazy
I'm not impressed; it isn't
what I want to be
so call me lazy
Don't call me;I'll call
you later
I'm just fine;I'll call
you later
Why would I want to be anybody else but me?
I'm never gonna fake it
Why would I want to be
anybody else but me?
I know i'm gonna make it
without a doubt I know
what i'm about i'm everything
i'll ever want to be
A girl like me
A girl like me
The magazines
are messing with reality...
It's entertaining
as long as we don't
ever take it seriously
we'll keep on laughing
I don't want to lose control
I don't want to sell my soul
I don't want to be no
plastic clone
Why would I want to be just
any other wannabe?
I'm never gonna be, never
ever gonna be
A girl like me

(Thanks to Jessica for these lyrics)

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