Paroles Me-Devil de Sigh

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  • Artiste: Sigh7646
  • Chanson: Me-Devil
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Textes et Paroles de Me-Devil

I keep burning
The flame of the vengeance in the temple of the cold heart
A vengeance in grief is a vengeance in relief as they tore my heart
As they tore me apart
Take my oath now!
How could you escape from the devil that is part of yourself!
Take my oath now!
Let him take your mind
Now call up the devil in your heart
Calling up here the devil in my heart!
I need to retrieve those things that I have lost
Calling up here the devil in my heart!
I need to retrieve the things I've wept for
Calling up here the devil in my heart!
Before I drown in the deepest sorrow
Calling up here the devil in my heart!
The devil is my scar
Devil in me is ready to feed me
Ready to beat me
Ready to reap my soul
Aseed of greed. I
need to breed
I need to lead a life that states my thirst
Take my oath now!
Take my will now!
Take my heart now!
Take my soul now!
My fate is in ashes
The dreams it smashes
I'll choose to lose them
I'll refuse to choose them
Yes, I will win!
And then all the blessed are burned and scorched in the searing flames
Live in fame or die in shame?
So please take my oath now!

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