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Skankin' Pickle
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  • Artiste: Skankin' Pickle14121
  • Chanson: Fights
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Textes et Paroles de Fights

If spock were really real
I'd have him in our band
And all he'd ever do
Is look for tyrants in the crowd
And trouble makers they'd beware
Cause when there is a need
A Spock hold will be waiting for the boys in asile B
You slam like you're in football
And you wonder why we're mad
Instead you should be in bands
Like Warrant, you are rad
I want you to enjoy yourself
Crazy as can be
But coul dyou stop hitting me like your number 43.
This is such a stupid scene
When fighting is involved
Everyone's supposed to be in tightly unity
But every time I look away
A fight is in the crowd
It takes away the fun from me
And you and you and you.
George Forman is a fighter
The same said for Ali
But the fights I see and hear
Are more like Nazis in a comedy
So next time someone bothers you
JNust walk away from them
And listen to Gerry play this happy gem

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