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Skull Duggery
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  • Artiste: Skull Duggery13155
  • Chanson: Testimony
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Textes et Paroles de Testimony

(feat. Fiend, Mr. Serv-On)

I have a testimony
Skull, I have a testimony

[Skull Duggery]
I must watch every rectangle, triangle, my front sides and back
Niggas try to take me on a ride and leave me stranded black
Leave me in spots where I can't fly jack
Ain't that some shit, how niggas come and fuck the game up quick
I was there when G got popped, uh, dead in the neck
Around the corner when Melvin got teked up in the chest
I was up the block when my compadre Coolie Black got shot
All up on Second and Clara Blocks now check it
New change was burnin inside motherfuckers like hell
The only precautionary measure was to take care of self
And that's the only way you can survive in the game
And enhance in the game but lord I really must say
Everything has got a message and a meaning to it
A purpose, if you don't believe then your day is coming
Now I'm a tell you Lord, you've gotta overstand me
Only thing I'm screamin see, uh
I got a testimony

I got a testimony
I have a testimony

My testimony starts losin a homie behind somethin phony
Flippin those zonie's for Rice A Roni
Lifted by my lonely for only brother to take, well look at his kid
You can have my life instead of his, I'm serious
The fear in me is I never felt this much pain in my body
But you know what, I never drank that much bracardi, lovin his shorty
Like she was mine and times I showed that baby the path
And teach it, ain't no such thing just aim it when you blast
Please be crazy bout your cash and learn to stash that last dollar
We be like you kenfolk when your broke, a No Limit rider
So god, when you hear me hollar please grant my request
Cause killers behind anybody with a tank on thier chest

I have a testimony
I have a testimony
I have a testimony
I have a testimony

[Skull Duggery]
In 1970 a hoodlum was born on this earth
Didn't ask to come here but when I landed it sure did hurt
It was a trip to see my life split in half
>From the drug game on the street to the love I showed my mom and dad
The pain run deep, ha, nigga can't you tell
Look at the expression on my face, nigga it hurts like hell
I have a testimony to tell, this life I will never forget
Let me hit this life boy, rearrange my whole shit
Look, I was riding up Third Street as usual
I was gonna bust a left buck I'm on a cell but I left shampoo hotel
Man it hurts me, scene it horrified me
I seen a group of little kids having fun ya dig
nobody botherin them see
Until this chump drove up with his big shot gun
And he shot a round of kids, I say boy
what this nigga did (what this nigga did)
And the little kid that he shot boy on the block, end his life
And the kid's name was James ??? right, and that's my testimony

[Mr. Serv-On]
Now see in my life, it ain't never been what it's supposed to be
Sometimes my tank dogs feel like they losing me
Sometimes I just feel they don't understand me
Cause in my life you never tell me life will bring so much harm
I never thought to see my homie ??? die with needles in his arm
And like my homie Derrell Fuller, he never got to see his twins born
And by the way they couldn't see it because they bullets they took
they couldn't take it
And you couldn't tell me that these days in my life
That I believe in the things that I saw
Shit, I never knew I had this testimony

I have a testimony
I have a testimony
I have a testimony
I have a testimony
I have a testimony

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