Paroles Fifteen Minutes...or It's Free de Sloppy Seconds

Sloppy Seconds
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  • Chanson: Fifteen Minutes...or It's Free
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Textes et Paroles de Fifteen Minutes...or It's Free

I'm driving at night, got my radio on
I'll be working nine hours 'til the break of dawn
Gotta keep prayin' that my car won't stall
I got fifteen minutes from the second they call

Fifteen minutes, or it's free
But don't you worry, I'll handle it, man
Fifteen minutes, or it's free
I wish somebody would deliver me
Fifteen minutes, fifteen minutes
Fifteen minutes, or it's free

I said I'm wired like a bomb at a quarter to 3
I'm on ten white parcels and a gallon of tea
I could use a vacation, but I'm biting my lip
It's a sad situation, but I need the tips

Fifteen minutes, or it's free
And then it comes out of my salary
Fifteen minutes, or it's free
Everybody sing along with me
Fifteen minutes, fifteen minutes
Fifteen minutes, or it's free

Nobody cares if I should come to harm
They're just happy as they know they get their pizza warm
But call right now and every order let's you contribute a dollar to operation: rescue

Fifteen minutes, or it's free
Now watch me wrap my car around a tree
Fifteen minutes, or it's free
You know that you can set your watch by me
Fifteen minutes, fifteen minutes
Fifteen minutes, or it's free

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