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Sly And The Family Stone
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  • Chanson: Say You Will
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Textes et Paroles de Say You Will

Give a damn you all Oooh-ee
Oh, give a damn you all, (y'all) ooh
We're not teasin' you, it would be in vain
If I'm free to see, away from you it's strange
Say you will, say you will, say you will, you will

When you get up, get down, something bad for you
Oh your luck has found, oh ah, me and you
Say you will, say you will, say we will, I will

A whole lotta nothin' and a way to go
Jimmy cotton corn and a little bit of something
About a day too old
A hippopotamus is way too fat for me
Hip about us some of us gonna get bound
And get down but don't be free get down y'all

Say we will, say we will, say we will, I will
If the way you die makes life worth livin'
Be true what'll I say, thanks for the thing you're givin' me
Say you will, say you will, say we will, I will

A wooden nickel won't pay my bill
A chip on the shoulder not good for shit
A leaky bottom won't last too long
A freaky rival, never sing my freaky song

Give a damn y'all
Say you will, say you will, say you will, I will
Give a damn y'all

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