Paroles U And Left Turns de Socratic

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  • Artiste: Socratic14668
  • Chanson: U And Left Turns
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Textes et Paroles de U And Left Turns

I open my mouth but nothing comes out. You're the only topic i don't talk about. You're eyes so brown i can see myself in them. Swimming in your gorgeous pupils. It's kind of like the way i wish we'd walk around. I'd but you every diamond in the whole damn town. Don't you want the diamonds baby? Take me where the lights are low. There's something that i'd love to show you.

I'm just like a tree. I'll grow roots underneath you. This ground used to be nothing but soil. Remember when i told you everything was lovely? I lied. I was only confused. Right now i'm just dying very slow.

Please let's leave for a holiday. Quit your life and we'll be on our way with the sun in our face. I am so guilty but you are so pretty. Real bad is what i've got. I'm at the bottom. You're at the top. A shade of skin that shows no mercy. Your lips are a sunset that sets over me and only me.



I'm just dying very slow...

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