Paroles Kingdom Of Frost de Solarward

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  • Artiste: Solarward54575
  • Chanson: Kingdom Of Frost
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Textes et Paroles de Kingdom Of Frost

The scorching touch of the morning sun
Fades out in the kingdom of frost
The sky itself stops its endless run
It freezes deep in the kingdom of frost

Northern winds
Carry the fresh breath of arctic air
Winter dreams
Break the arrival of death and despair
At the endless horizon that opens in front of my eyes
The kingdom of frost will arise

From where the coldest winds blow
Screaming piercingly
The sacred realm of ice and snow
Purifying relentlessly

Northern winds, will you carry the fresh breath of arctic air
From the land of eternal eclipse
Winter dreams, will you break the arrival of death and despair
With your cold icy streams
Staring at the horizon that opens so wide
Precisely in front of my eyes
Blizzard's touching my face, screaming out loud
The kingdom of frost will arise

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