Paroles Luv-all-day de Solo

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  • Artiste: Solo13310
  • Chanson: Luv-all-day
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Textes et Paroles de Luv-all-day

(feat. Kieaun Da Golden Child)

You know it's raining, baby
Lets go inside, oh yeah
Keep on doin' what you're doin'
When you do it babe

Ooh, I see something that I want
And girl, I'm in the mood
So let's get it on
Don't you know the rain always makes my nature rise
So when I get attention
I'm gonna wrap your legs around my waist
That silky thing you're wearing turns me on
Ya got me so excited
I just can't get enough
Don't cha know that all I wanna do is make love
Turn down all the lights
Cause once I get in I won't let you go

Ooh, let's make love all day
Inside while it rains
Gonna make you wet baby
Wanna taste your love lady
Ooh, let's make love all day
Upstairs we can play
In between the sheets, lady
Gonna taste your love baby

Girl, I'm craving you
So quench my appetite
I'm just a simple man
I know what I like
So you can put me where you want me baby
And I know you'll take care of me
My temperature's high, I can't come down
And only your love is a remedy
And see I wanna keep you satisfied
Girl, don't you know once I get in I won't let you go

[Repeat 1]

Come on girl, gimme what I need baby
Ooh baby, you're so precious
Ooh baby, I'm gonna give it to you baby
See I wanna hear you call my name
Have you spread against the wall
Stroke your hips you sexy thing
And make you scream for more
Let's go and get it on
And we can do it 'till the break of dawn

[Kieaum - Da Golden Child]
Ooh, what, say what, forget the forplay
Get your love wet for me
Straight down, give it up to me
You're a tease, you be lovin' how I'm rubbin' you
And touch you right, forever wanting nothing less than me
Eight deep in your love zone, unmake the sheet you never alone
And really moan when you're feeling the zone
While the rain can't stop, won't stop, lettin' off my rock
Keepin' it hot 'till the early morn'
Now you wanna take a ride up top
Wiggling your hips, lickin' your lips
You make a playa wanna turn from what he did
Drink to the left, drop dribble alot
Now yo unever get enough of this
Want me? It's gotta think Greek
Feelin' all sides double jeep
Kieaum, he young don from the "A"
Got a taste for the cute face
Booty taking up space, keeping it laced up
On a Solo set, don't make him wait

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]

Now see what the rain made me do?

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