Paroles Hurry Locomotive de Sophie Madeleine

Sophie Madeleine
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  • Chanson: Hurry Locomotive
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Textes et Paroles de Hurry Locomotive

Take the train. Platform number seventeen.
It's already running late.
I find my seat. The crowded carriage in between.
Pack my bag beneath my feet.

Now as we're pulling out the station I feel a little kick inside.
And I'm wondering I am thinking just how am I going to heal this time.
'Til a thought crossed my mind.
'Bout how this sorry locomotive can bring me back to life.
Oh now hurry locomotive, take me home tonight.

It smells like the many who have sat here too.
On these seats of green and blue.
On my right a couple kissing need a room.
An old lady hums a tune.

Now as the tracks are slowly winding,
rolling through the countryside.
I am wondering I am thinking,
how long I've been away this time.
And I feel deep inside. I sigh.
While this sorry locomotive brings me back to life.
Oh now hurry locomotive take me home tonight.

I'm going back to where I started.
Where the people care but don't accuse.
I'm going back to where my heart is
on a chair built for two, without you.
Oh now hurry locomotive bring me back to life.
Oh now hurry locomotive take me home tonight.
Tonight. Tonight.

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