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Soulja Boy
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Textes et Paroles de Grammy

[feat. Ester Dean]

[Talking: Soulja Boy]

[Ester Dean:]
What do u want from me
Because I've giving u everything
What do u need from me
Are u not happy with anything

[Soulja Boy:]
Party like a rockstar
Hit em with?
Fast like a nascar
Lyin like my dash car
I deserve a grammy
Will I fly away or land on Miami
I don't have time to rhyme
But I do have time to grind
SOD pirates I don't need a hook
My lyrics illustrated versus takin from a book
I understand the fans
Supply and demand
Crunk and command
Fight need we'll stand
Lyrics from a true legion
Live a life to god blessings
Big papers long acres
Top flight no security

Black ice on me call a jury
Yahh trick yahh trick and we call it magic
My style may change u can call it drastic
Money so long? measures
I love my business and I love my pleasure
Live now dies later Internet genius
Self proclaimin he a? for the fortunate of fame
He'll run through the rain
For a meanin to change
Taking over the game
18 years old wid a drop top phantom
Kidnap the world till they pay my ransom
Deandre way? tatted on my face
4 words 2 say
I deserve a grammy

[Ester Dean:]
What do u want from me
Cause I've giving u everything
What do u need from me
Are u not happy with anything
Is it not good enough
Am I not good enough
Have I not gave enough
What do u want from me [x2]

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