Paroles U Gotta Deal Wit Dis (Gangsta Luv) de South Central Cartel

South Central Cartel
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  • Chanson: U Gotta Deal Wit Dis (Gangsta Luv)
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Textes et Paroles de U Gotta Deal Wit Dis (Gangsta Luv)

South Central
The home of true gangstas
Down for all when I proachin by a stranger
we chill although my girl gets mad at me
She has to understand S.C.C. is family
She's cuss and [?????] and is tryin to break the Havikk's heart
But understand girl you knew it from the jump start
I ran the streets keepin suckers off my homie back
Makin records and tryin to avoid gettin jacked
S.C.C. yeah it's a love thang
I don't slang but youre thinkin that I gang bamg
Cause I wear khakis locsters never say I love ya
And mean it in a strong way
Girls on my jock you say I got it goin on
And South Central the place that I call home
The telephone rings but its you that I'm thinkin of
I know its hard to deal with but its gangsta love

Yeah.. you gotta deal wid dis
wid dis gangsta love
lalalooooooove me
you gotta deal wid dis
wid dis gangsta love
lalalooooooove me
You gotta deal wid dis
wid dis gangsta love
lalaloooooove me
You gotta deal wid dis
wid dis gangsta love
lalaloooooove me

Girl you complain that I'm quiet on the telephone
And that I'm rollin with the homies while your all alone
I disagree because I call you when I'm coolin out
I understand you feel up sad but baby check it out
Me and my homies have to make it on the city streets
With all the bangin and the slangin we depend on beats
And dope rhymes that keep us out the ????? line
You're so kind and I'm happy that youre all mine
But it's a fact, my homies always get my back
And like that, I'll never end up gettin jacked
we have time together when we using well
we go to dinner to movies then we get a tell
You understood from the start
I couldn't change overnight but I have a heart
So whassup, you're startin to push
but don't shove girl
You gotta deal wid dis gangsta love


Yeah you might think I'm out chasin women
But I'm wastin time in the streets wit my homies
But if you didn't already know baby
i´m dedicated to the S.C.C.
And whatever it takes to get us over this first priority
right know yeah i see that look in your eyes
but don't get me wrong
I do feel deep and adore you
And this gangsta love could be your love
If you hang in there


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