Paroles No Greater (Prelude) de Sparkle

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  • Artiste: Sparkle3102
  • Chanson: No Greater (Prelude)
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Textes et Paroles de No Greater (Prelude)

There is no greater
No, no, no, no, no
There's no greater love I've seen in my life
No no greater, greater

Oh, no, no
Oh Lord I praise Your name
For all the things You've done, oh

There's no greater
No greater love I've found than You, Lord
And all the things You've done for me
I'm so glad I've come to see

There's no greater
No greater love I've found than You, Lord
Your legs hurt and walked away
That's why you want me to be brave
There's no greater love
I found no greater love
There's no greater love
There's no greater
There's no greater, I know

He can move any mountain
And He can calm any sea
He can ease any troubled mind
He can give victory
I come to know
I've come to know
I've come to know
My heavenly father

There's no greater
No greater
No greater love I've found than You

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