Paroles Splinters de Sparta

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  • Artiste: Sparta5636
  • Chanson: Splinters
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Textes et Paroles de Splinters

A cabin built for families, not for one
These fills are solitary, Lonely Rivers run
Ocean crash duets with cars in canyon pass
Oh the mountains, Majestic force humility

This coffin's in my shadow, Tied to me
There's Questions I can't follow, Colors I can't see
Days scream past, Nights are long in city escape
From sunset to mourning mocks eternity

Falling, Falling
This life is in splinters
And hands over eyes protect innocent blinding
Falling, Falling
Balance in broken, a lifetime of choking
Leaves you blue

This isolation chamber, disguised but true
Enough to kill this stranger, nothing left to do
Freedom's lost its clarity and breathing comes fast
This escape is essential to live another day

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